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Julie Laughton Design Build Blog

Tips and Advice For Custom Home Building

I have completed over 1000 custom kitchens and custom home remodels and helped homeowners through the process from conception to completion. The majority of people choose to live in their home during the construction process. It’s important to work with the right team to manage and organize all of this.
Julie Laughton
After working professionally in New York City, I started my career in architecture and interior design in Laguna Beach and Newport Beach. When I first started, I was part of the team hired by the homeowner. I saw first-hand the chaotic nature of residential remodeling and new construction. The client was having
Custom Built Homes Orange County
My clients in the coastal communities of Laguna Beach, Newport Beach and on the Balboa Peninsula and Balboa Island call me to customize their homes. Some of the clients are building ground up and the others are remodeling homes they just acquired or have been in their families for years.
Hiring the right professionals is crucial and it can make or break the project. A lot of homeowners are unaware of what it takes to build a dream home before they start and it often is not explained to them until they are well into the process. At Julie Laughton
Orange County Remodeling
Many homeowners cannot decide whether to remodel their current home or buy another home and move. If you move, the home you buy will never be custom built for you. You will always have to remodel to make it customized to fit your lifestyle. When you remodel your current home