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41 – What’s It Really Like Being a Woman in Construction

By | February 22, 2024

In this eye-opening episode, Julie Laughton engages in a candid and empowering conversation about being a woman in the construction industry, shedding light on her experiences, challenges, and triumphs. Join us as we explore the real stories behind breaking barriers, pursuing passions, and thriving in a traditionally male-dominated field. 💪 Episode Highlights: 🚺 Personal Journeys: […]

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Material Selection for Your New Home Build in Orange County

By | February 20, 2024

Selecting quality materials for your new home build in Orange County is very important. When building a custom home, you typically work with an architect who draws all the plans and lays everything out and comes up with the whole concept of what the house looks like. Then the actual selections happen with the interior […]

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Top Kitchen Remodel Trends for 2024

By | February 6, 2024

As a designer and general contractor in Laguna Beach and Newport Beach, I specialize in customizing your home. Every single one of my kitchens are one hundred percent custom built. The kitchen is the center of the home where we entertain friends and family and where all the action happens…it’s like the heartbeat of the home. The […]

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7 Simple Steps to a 5 Star Experience

By | January 30, 2024

I am both a designer and licensed general contractor in Orange County. My passion is to build custom dream homes with timeless designs that match every client’s style and needs. I have been in the Design Build business for over thirty years. I receive many calls from homeowners who want to hire me who are […]

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Increasing Volume and Maximizing Your Home Space

By | January 23, 2024

As a designer, general contractor and one-stop shop Design Build company in Orange County, I not only have the experience, knowledge and training, but I also have engineers on my team to completely transform a home structurally. Bringing more light and volume into your home is important for giving the space a great feeling and […]

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