Julie is Both a Designer and a Licensed General Contractor in Orange County

Here is what Julie provides under JLDB - as the designer:

What separates Julie and makes her unique is her knowledge of how to build a home both design wise and structurally. As the designer, Julie sees the vision. As the contractor in orange county, she is able to tell the homeowner what all the costs are before the planning process even starts, which saves the client time and money.


The client will have peace of mind by seeing clearly what we are building, which is a 3D color structural modeling plan of the framing. This virtual building process is what ensures the client will understand how we build it and what the costs are.

Julie’s goal is to make each step of the process clear and understandable from the conception of the first sketch to the completion of the build. By providing color 3D renderings, the client is able to see the finished product before we start.

Photo 3


  • Complete review and analysis of the build from conception to completion
  • In depth research and review of all the project concerns from the client’s wishes, to the lot restrictions, to the view and how the sun hits it.
  • Project cost analysis and timeline estimates
  • Initial floor plans and space planning to review before all plans start
  • 3D color rendering of proposed interior and exterior designs to illustrate what the project looks like before its built
  • 3D color structural modeling plans of the framing so the client understands what we are building and the costs associated
  • Complete development and project management of the architectural and engineering plans to keep the project moving



  • As-builts of all existing home for habitable and non-habitable, garages, basement, decks, patios, exterior stairs
  • Proposed interior and exterior plans
  • Cover sheet with project details and general notes
  • Existing floor plans, elevations and demo plans
  • Proposed floor plans, elevations, cross sections and roof plans
  • Proposed electrical, plumbing and mechanical plans
  • Proposed custom kitchen and bath plans and closet plans
  • Proposed finish schedule and door and window schedule
  • Home theater and specialty rooms
  • Pool and spa design and outdoor living spaces
  • Landscape and hardscape plans and exterior lighting
  • Summary of all design meetings with Julie regarding the plans and material selections


  • Site Survey
  • Topo Map
  • Soils and Geotechnical Reports
  • Structural
  • Civil
  • Title 24 Energy Code


SUBMITTAL PROCESS TO THE CITY                                                                       

  • Plans submittal for the zoning, planning and building departments plus meetings and submittal time with city officials up until the permit is pulled by JLGC
  • Staking and mailers to the neighborhood and conducting meetings with the neighbors
  • Design Review Board and Coastal Commission Hearings
  • HOA as needed



  • Complete interior design and selections of all furniture, drapery and accessories
  • All client shopping and meeting time with Julie

As a one-stop shop, it’s all about taking the clients’ dreams from conception on paper to the completion of the build. Julie ensures as the contractor in orange county the plans are executed to perfection. She works with the homeowner one on one, taking the stress out of the construction process.



  • Bidding of all the final cost of the completed plans
  • Preparing the JLGC Construction Agreement for signature


HERE IS WHAT JULIE PROVIDES UNDER JLGC – as the contractor in orange county:

  • Sign the JLGC Construction Agreement
  • Julie pulls the permit
  • Julie runs the job as the contractor and project manager both
  • The client gets daily photos of the work plus weekly updates from Julie via email
  • The payments are made after milestones of work completed
  • Change orders signed before any new work starts
  • Pre-scheduled jobsite visits with client at key times during the work
  • Final walk through at the end of the project
  • At move in time, Julie provides warranty and maintenance information for the life of the home
Julie Laughton Contractor in Orange County