Client Spotlight

Coastal Custom Home Projects in Orange County

Disney Imagineer Hilltop Estate

It was such a pleasure working with Disney Imagineer Tony Baxter. When Tony hired me for a remodel and addition, he was originally looking for a contractor. He quickly realized the designer aspect of my work was the most important part because we needed to take his drawings and make them buildable. I drew them to scale and turned them into a reality.

Along with my team of skilled craftsmen, I worked with Tony side by side with his vintage theme designs. The goal was to make the addition look like it had always been there and match the original design. New construction was made to look vintage. His guest bedroom was turned into a secondary home theater.

The other wonderful opportunity was Tony’s ask of us to create the Mary Poppins theme in his backyard, which included ten vintage lamp posts and blue moonlight that shines every night. We brought the magic of Disney to Tony’s home through the wonderful talent of my custom craftsmen.