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Julie Laughton Design Build Blog

Tips and Advice For Custom Home Building

Orange County Architect
Working with an architect in Laguna Beach and Newport Beach is a lot more challenging because of the regulations along the coastline. In order to have a successful project it is important to find an architect in Orange County that is experienced in working in these coastal communities. At Julie
New Home Builder Orange County
There are a lot of new home builders in Orange County and a few of them are calling themselves Design Build companies, but what does that really mean? Design Build means that the builder works with an architect and then the architect finds the engineers and may also refer you
Julie Laughton Orange County Custom Home Builder
Hiring the right contractor in Laguna Beach and Newport Beach is a crucial part of your custom home construction project. Whether you are remodeling or building a custom home from ground up, the contractor is the one that is supposed to safely guide you through the process and is responsible
It’s a new year and it’s time to revaluate your goals and where you are at overall. You want to cleanse, purge and clear your home for positive energy and wellness. Having a home with clean positive energy is a great way to enjoy your personal space. The first thing
Julie Laughton
Remodeling like life involves planning and following a process. My motto is... "It all starts with a good plan." After that plan is drawn out and put on paper there has to be a team and process to make it all happen. Since I draw the plans and work with