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Vintage Laguna Beach Cottage

This is a very special project because the client grew up in this Laguna Beach house. The front garden that was originally built by her father, a master landscaper, will be maintained and preserved.

Custom home building is such a rewarding experience, especially when the home has a story behind it and it has been in the same family. The neighbors tell me lots of stories of how much time the client's father spent in the garden and how he would bless it every day. Each plant got special attention. While I am standing in it, I can feel a special energy from the crystals he placed all around.

The home will essentially be brand new when we are done with it. The finished result will preserve the original character and color of the home, which was white. The client has a lot of confidence and trust in our expertise on this project because we have done so many vintage home remodels.

Laguna Beach Charmer

This is another vintage Laguna Beach custom home remodel in process. What makes this project special is that I knew the homeowner for over thirty years and spent a couple of Christmas’s in this home. Now, I am remodeling it for his two children. We are not only restoring and refurbishing this home, we are opening the interior for today's modern living.

The home was originally built in the late 1930s and from what we can see it was a much smaller cottage. Over the years, rooms were added and exterior spaces were converted to interior spaces. Even though the house is one-story, it is over 3,000 square feet. With the garage and decks, it is almost 4,000 square feet, so it’s an ample space.

We will keep the cottage look with white horizontal siding, new black asphalt shingled roof and black clad windows. The interior will have European white oak floors throughout and white walls. We are installing a custom kitchen and see-through fireplace in the living room, which is now opened up to the new rear deck.

South Laguna Vintage Cottage Room Addition

I worked on this house a few years back where we completely remodeled the interior. We did a brand new custom kitchen, opened it up to the dining room and made the living room a little bit bigger.

This time around due to the fact that the owner’s children are now having children, we are adding a bedroom above the living room where the existing deck is. The size of the deck is the perfect size for a bedroom. To complete the look we added a balcony on the ocean side. The new bedroom will have a vaulted ceiling similar to what is in the current upstairs rooms.

Working on this vintage cottage has been rewarding. This cottage has had a long life and it’s exciting to be able to do this room addition to accommodate the homeowner’s growing family. The home will live on for generations to come.

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