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42 – What Homeowners Shouldn’t Do When Planning a Remodel

In this must-listen episode, Julie Laughton unveils the common mistakes homeowners often make when planning a remodel. Join us as we explore what not to do to ensure a smooth, stress-free, and successful remodeling journey for your dream home.

🚫 Episode Highlights:

📌 Avoiding Overambitious Plans: Learn the importance of setting realistic goals for your remodel. Discover how to balance aspirations with practicality to avoid overwhelming and costly overambition.

💸 Budgeting Blunders: Explore the most common budgeting mistakes and discover strategies to steer clear of financial pitfalls. Julie provides practical tips for creating a realistic budget that aligns with your vision.

🗓️ Timelines and Patience: Uncover the secrets to setting achievable timelines and practicing patience throughout the remodeling process. Learn how rushing decisions can lead to costly errors and delays.

🔄 Changing Plans Midway: Navigate the challenges of altering your remodeling plans once the project is underway. Gain insights into the potential consequences and how to minimize disruptions.

🚧 Ignoring Professional Advice: Hear cautionary tales about the repercussions of disregarding professional guidance. Learn how collaborating with experienced experts can make all the difference in a successful remodel.

🎙️ Join the Conversation: Share your remodeling experiences, ask questions, and connect with fellow homeowners in the comments section. Let's build a community that learns from each other's triumphs and challenges!

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Transform your home with confidence by learning what not to do – because a successful remodel starts with a good plan!

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ABOUT JULIE LAUGHTON: Julie’s passion is to build custom dream homes with timeless designs that match every client’s style and needs. She has been in the Design Build business for over thirty years. As a designer and general contractor, she oversees and executes all facets of the blueprints and build from conception to completion while providing a collaborative and stress-free process for each client. Julie has completed over 1,000 remodels and custom homes along the affluent coastal communities of Orange and LA County, Laguna Beach and Newport Beach as well as significant projects in Beverly Hills, Hollywood and Pasadena.

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