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03 – Just Call Me Your Luxury Remodel & Custom Home Therapist

Are you dreaming of a home renovation, but don't know where to start? Look no further than Julie Laughton, a designer and builder who shares her expert tips in this episode. Julie emphasizes the importance of a client-focused approach, starting with a walkthrough of the home to determine what is feasible both structurally and financially. She also stresses the need to discuss cost factors early on in the process to avoid unrealistic plans. But it's not just about mere practicality - Julie also has an eye for design, creating warm and natural spaces with luxurious touches. She works closely with clients to turn their dreams into a reality, putting everything on paper with floor plans and 3D renderings. Plus, Julie shares some of her recent design challenges, including a client who wanted a pickleball court under their house.

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ABOUT JULIE LAUGHTON: Julie’s passion is to build custom dream homes with timeless designs that match every client’s style and needs. She has been in the Design Build business for over thirty years. As a designer and general contractor, she oversees and executes all facets of the blueprints and build from conception to completion while providing a collaborative and stress-free process for each client. Julie has completed over 1,000 remodels and custom homes along the affluent coastal communities of Orange and LA County, Laguna Beach and Newport Beach as well as significant projects in Beverly Hills, Hollywood and Pasadena.

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