Kitchen Remodel Orange County


There is nothing like a kitchen remodel. Orange County home remodels are a valuable investment to make. Julie Laughton Design Build in Orange County is an expert in kitchen remodels, serving Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, Newport Coast, Crystal Cove, Corona Del Mar and the Balboa Peninsula.

A kitchen remodel can help you entertain with more ease as well as improve your every day living. Having flow and function is important in a kitchen remodel. I draw all the plans upfront and make sure nothing is missed. It’s all about starting with a good plan and working with the right Orange County kitchen remodeler for you.

Work with a designer in Orange County on your kitchen remodel who can create a space with style and function. Your kitchen remodel starts with good space planning.  The easiest way to document the changes you want in your kitchen remodel is to take notes of what you don’t like and gather photos of kitchens that you like.

At Julie Laughton Design Build not only do we draw everything on paper to scale for a kitchen remodel, we also take an inventory of all your belongings for the kitchen. I measure each item so the dimensions of the cabinet interiors all work. This process for your kitchen remodel includes the layout, size of each cabinet door and drawer, the dividers in the drawers, color of the cabinets, materials used, hardware, countertop material and backsplash. Check out the custom detail photos from kitchen remodels we have done for homes in Orange County on my website.

There are many builders in Orange County and it’s important you pick the right one for you.  Julie Laughton Design Build is one of the top builders in Orange County. I am a designer, contractor and interior designer who matches your kitchen to your lifestyle. One of the best ways to create more space in a kitchen remodel is taking out a wall or vaulting a ceiling. It will give your kitchen remodel a feeling of grandeur and openness. Adding more windows to give more natural light and brightening up the cabinet colors during the kitchen remodel will make your kitchen feel more open and spacious.

Is it time for a kitchen remodel in your home in Orange County? Let’s discuss your dream home.