Whole Home Remodel Orange County


Home RemodelA whole home remodel will provide years of enjoyment for your home in Orange County. Adding rooms and opening up the kitchen to the living room are just a few of the improvements we implement in a whole home remodel.

Julie Laughton Design Build specializes in helping homeowners plan and complete their whole home remodel in Orange County. We serve the coastal Orange County communities of Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, Newport Coast, Crystal Cove, Corona Del Mar and the Balboa Peninsula. I really enjoy doing projects like this because I get to totally transform the space and address all the issues, including lifetime maintenance. Orange County coastal homes require a higher quality product to withstand the salt air.

It can be challenging to do a whole home remodel. Orange County has a lot of construction companies and it is important that you choose the right one that will offer you a seamless, stress-free process. My team and I work with you every step of the way from conception to completion on your whole home remodel. Check out the before and after photos of whole home remodels we have done in Orange County on my website.

Orange County is known for having some of the most beautiful homes and diverse architecture in California. Whatever style home you have in Orange County a whole home remodel can transform how you entertain your family and friends. Hiring my team to do your remodel in Orange County will ensure your custom home project gets done right the first time with style and excellence. The most important part of the whole home remodel project is getting the plans completed before the work starts. My motto is…“It all starts with a good plan.” Customizing your whole home remodel to match your needs is what it's all about at Julie Laughton Design Build in Orange County.

I work with you one on one from the design phase of getting your dreams on paper, through the construction phase and finally to the completion of your whole home remodel. Orange County has a beautiful lifestyle with both ocean views and mountain views. No matter what your style is, my job is to customize your home to fit your needs.

Are you ready to invest in your whole home remodel in Orange County? Call me to discuss your dream home.