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1930s Hollywood Glamour Art Deco

The 1930s Hollywood glamour Art Deco era is one of the most fabulous time periods in architecture, design, and fashion. Art Deco was a glamorous, wonderful change to the way the world thought of design. My favorite part of the Art Deco era is the streamlined look and meticulous attention to detail. I love the warm, rich wood materials used in the furniture of this time period by such designers as Emile-Jacques Rhulmann and Donald Deskey.

I started to love Art Deco during my studies in the history of architecture and design at Iowa State University. When I moved to New York City for an internship, I was in heaven because I was surrounded by Art Deco. What attracts me to Art Deco are the geometric shapes and clean, soft lines. There is an order and a simplicity to it, which makes an elegant statement. If you’ve ever wondered what Art Deco looks like check out the Empire State Building or photographs of the original Radio City Music Hall interior. It’s amazing!

A lot of the Art Deco buildings were gone when I moved to Los Angeles, but there were homes from the 1930 Hollywood glamour era still in existence. One of my favorite homes that I was proud to have worked on was a Wallace Neff-designed Mediterranean style home. This home and the overall property with a pool and a backyard had such a timeless look. The entryway is a classic example of this time period with black and white tile floor, and simple wrought iron railing and light fixtures. It was such a pleasure working on this Wallace Neff home. We used a lot of vintage materials and everything was custom-designed.

My favorite part about working on homes like this is being able to restore them to their former glory while using materials that modernize them for today’s living. When the home was completed it was very reminiscent of the 1930s Hollywood glam with a timeless feel that is still in use today. I was fortunate enough to do the remodel of this home ten years before it was featured in the movie Monster-in-Law starring Jane Fonda and Jennifer Lopez.

I love doing vintage homes with a historical theme.  Please call me to discuss your dream home. (714) 305-2861