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Designer and General Contractor in Laguna Beach and Newport Beach

At Julie Laughton Design Build in coastal Orange County, we know about working in the sand, which requires expertise and experience. It’s important to have experience with local building code requirements and materials that need to be used on coastal properties. There are the materials that you should and shouldn’t use along with the overall skill set needed to do high-end custom. As a one-stop shop, I manage all aspects of the project from the conception of the plans to the completion of the build.

One of the biggest things I noticed when I began working as a designer in residential custom home building in California was that the homeowner was completely overwhelmed. There was confusion because there was a huge communication breakdown between the homeowner and all the people who were hired. My solution to the nightmare scenario they were having was to become a licensed general contractor. Becoming the contractor eliminated the confusion and stress and I was able to give the client a seamless process.

Julie Laughton Design Build handles all of the architecture, interior design, space planning, management of five engineers, city submittals and permit pulling and construction. I specialize in timeless traditional styles, including Mediterranean, French Country, English Tudor, Modern Farmhouse, Contemporary Style, and the Classic Beach Cottage.