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General Construction Contractor in Orange County

Being a one-stop shop custom home builder in Orange County has transformed how the process works for the client. What makes me unique is that I have the training and qualifications in the design arena and then I took the extra step to become a licensed general contractor. Taking my design career and combining it with getting my general contractors license was a game changer not only for me, but for my clients.

My motto is…“It all starts with a good plan.” The most important part of the project is extracting the client’s ideas from them and putting them on paper. All of the details of your custom dream home are in a well thought out set of plans drawn in advance of the project starting. My goal is to make each step of the process clear and understandable from the conception of the first sketch to the completion of the build. By providing color 3D renderings, the client is able to see the finished product before we start. As the designer and the contractor, I am involved in every aspect of the project, including drawing all the plans and submitting them to the city.

You can’t build a project without good plans. Then everything else happens in the dirt. I just love being in the dirt getting it done right the first time with style and quality.