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How to Select the Best Team For Your Remodel or Custom Home Ground Up Project in Orange County

The Julie Laughton Design Build and JLGC 5-Star service provides a unique one-stop shop that customizes the finished product for each and every homeowner. It's all about the team, the process and the execution.

The home building process can be very overwhelming for homeowners who have never done this before. The first question I am usually asked by clients is where do I start and who do I hire first? Homeowners who end up hiring the wrong people will find themselves stuck with people who aren't capable of doing what you need done. In my case, my team members go back as far as thirty-five years working together. We are all about delivering a 5-Star service and the secret to our success is that we are all veterans in the industry, know each other well and trust each other.

We supply to the client the architecture, interior designer, survey engineer, soils engineer, structural engineer, civil engineer and Title 24. Then we provide the supervision and project management for the city submittal process. As the GC, we provide the pre-construction bidding service, pull the permit as the contractor and run the job as the contractor and project management until the home is complete. Once the custom home project is complete, we provide the lifetime maintenance.

This process gives the homeowner a stress-free experience and a custom built home that matches how they live. Without these qualified team members who are all experts in their field, the process could easily become a nightmare with all kinds of budget problems and scheduling delays. Please call me to discuss your dream home. (714) 305-2861