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Improve Your Backyard Design in Orange County

Indoor-outdoor living is essential for homes in Southern California because of the weather. Mild temperatures make it perfect for entertaining year round.  It’s important to incorporate your outdoor living space as an extension of your indoor living space, which increases the size of your home.

I receive a lot of calls from homeowners in Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, Corona Del Mar, and on the Balboa Peninsula about improving their backyards and outdoor living. As they spend their summer entertaining outdoors, they are always thinking of ways to improve the experience. Adding some of these suggestions will make for a lifetime of enjoyment in your backyard.

- A fire pit is a great gathering space for cool evenings. They are fairly affordable to put in. They usually run anywhere from $1,500 to $3,500.

- Decks and eating areas are important to entertain. I can help you find the perfect location in your backyard.

- A pool or spa can add to the value of your home and bring entertainment for your guests.

- A pizza oven is a great option for involving the entire family in the cooking process.

- Make your backyard your own sanctuary by adding privacy shields like plant walls and fencing. A cabana or hammock is a nice addition.

- A vegetable or herb garden is a great way to have fresh food while cooking or barbecuing. They are easy to maintain with a little TLC.

I love transforming spaces to reflect how the homeowner lives and entertains. There are many ways to make your backyard into a 5-star resort. It’s always a good time to start making notes about what you need after spending the summer in your backyard. Let’s discuss creating your own oasis at home.