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JL Custom Kitchen Remodel

There is nothing better than having your custom kitchen just right for the holidays. If hosting the holidays this year has been challenging, you probably know exactly what is wrong with your kitchen and why it doesn’t work for you anymore.

The easiest way to document the changes needed is to take notes of what you don’t like and gather photos of kitchens that you like. Between your notes of how your kitchen doesn’t function and the photos of how you want it to look, you can start working on how to fix it with a Design Build professional. I customize the home for today's living and match it to the homeowner’s lifestyle.

This kitchen is in a home on the Balboa Peninsula in Newport Beach. The kitchen was transformed by enlarging it, vaulting the ceiling, adding French doors and designing a large island that has multiple functions. The island can serve as many things such as a cooking area, quick meal prep area, casual dining space and a buffet table for serving food and drinks. The island is made of a very durable and forgiving material called soapstone.

Check out the JL Process page on my website to learn more about my one-stop shop Design Build service.