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Material Selection for Your New Home Build in Orange County

Selecting quality materials for your new home build in Orange County is very important. When building a custom home, you typically work with an architect who draws all the plans and lays everything out and comes up with the whole concept of what the house looks like. Then the actual selections happen with the interior designer.

Space planning is the bones of the house and what the house is going to look like. The process is design, style and function. All those things combined together with the space planning and picking the materials to create that look that’s customized for them is a lot of work.

For a successful new home build in Orange County, it’s all about the team, the process and the execution. After the plans are drawn and the engineering gets started, then you work on the materials. The selection process starts with photographs. The homeowner shows me photographs of what they like. Then we go through this process of what do you want it to look like, what do you want it to feel like and what are your maintenance requirements?

Some people want easy maintenance, so I select different materials. You can get Silestone or Ceasarstone that looks like marble and are much easier to maintain. It all boils down to the look, the feel and the style. These are the seven basic elements that need to be selected for the interior of the home.

- Doors and windows
- Doorknobs
- Cabinets and cabinet style
- Countertop
- Flooring
- Tile
- Window coverings

New home building in Orange County is a rewarding process. Call me to discuss your dream home (714) 305-2861.