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The Permit Process for Remodeling or Building Custom Homes Ground Up

Putting together finished plans with all the specifications at the beginning of the process is crucial. The people who are working on the plans need to work and live in the local area and understand what needs to be done to comply with the local rules. The permit process can be very long if the wrong plans are submitted.

My motto is…“It all starts with a good plan.” You can’t build a project without good plans. I draw and design the plans personally and have the engineers needed as part of my team to complete the plans for the permit process. Then as the general contractor, I personally run the job on a daily basis.

There is a whole process prior to getting your permit and starting construction. You have to complete the necessary steps to make all of the selections before you start the remodel. If you miss any of those steps, you will be delayed, over-budget or missing something. It’s really important for the client to see color 3D renderings before any building starts. This virtual building process is what ensures the client will understand how we build it and what the costs are.

By working with the right people and following my 7 Simple Steps, you will get your project done right the first time. Call me to discuss designing and building your dream home.