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Top Kitchen Remodel Trends for 2024

As a designer and general contractor in Laguna Beach and Newport Beach, I specialize in customizing your home. Every single one of my kitchens are one hundred percent custom built. The kitchen is the center of the home where we entertain friends and family and where all the action's like the heartbeat of the home.

The best way to make your kitchen timeless is to find a fabulous countertop. I actually just like to do slab counters and slab backsplashes to keep it simple, elegant and timeless. Porcelain slabs look just like marble and are bulletproof, easy to maintain and you cannot stain it or ruin it.

We found this really cute range in a beautiful black color. It just stands out and makes its own little statement. I usually put the hood behind a wood cabinet, but in this case it was fun to compliment and show off the color. The trick for timeless cabinets that last is to never use melamine particleboard. Everything is solid wood. The shelves, the boxes and the doors are solid wood.

Check out the video for more kitchen remodel trends for 2024.