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Working With Homeowners One on One in Coastal Orange County

Julie Laughton Design Build in coastal Orange County specializes in customizing your home. The homeowner and I work one on one from the conception of the plans to the completion of the construction. The one-stop shop service I provide helps homeowners because they only have to deal with one person instead of multiple people.

When I began my career in California as a designer, I realized that becoming a licensed general contractor was the only way to help homeowners solve the issues they were having on their home construction projects. Being both the designer and general contractor, I took on the entire project from conception to completion. It became a seamless process because I managed all aspects of the job.

It’s all about getting the client’s dreams on paper and following the process. I draw and design the plans personally and have the engineers needed as part of my team to complete the plans for the permit process. Then as the general contractor, I personally run the job on a daily basis.

Taking the project from conception to completion without headaches is my main goal. Please call me for more information about my one-stop shop (714) 305-2861.