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Bespoke Design Build For Your Custom Home Project

You may wonder what does bespoke mean and why that term is being used so much lately. I have been doing bespoke Design Build for over thirty years and what it means is customizing and tailoring the end result to match the client’s needs exactly.

This custom kitchen is a perfect example of bespoke design. Every single item in this kitchen was custom designed to match the client’s exact specifications, including the layout, size of each cabinets doors and drawers, the dividers in the drawers, color of the cabinets, materials used, hardware, countertop material and backsplash.  The floor is a hand-scraped walnut with a black bleed on the seams. This is probably the most customized kitchen I have ever done and also the most timeless.

As a custom home builder in Laguna Beach and Newport Beach, I have seen a lot of custom homes built by other contractors. Their cabinets are rarely custom and they don’t even begin to address the custom needs of each individual homeowner. One of my secrets is that I have been using the same custom cabinetmaker for thirty years and there is no higher quality cabinet construction available. The cabinets are all solid wood with walnut interiors and lifetime hardware.

To do authentic bespoke design there is an extensive design process upfront where I work with the client one on one to put all of their wishes on paper. For a custom kitchen, not only do we draw everything on paper to scale, I take an inventory of all of their belongings to measure each item that will be stored so the dimensions of the interior of the cabinets all work.

If you want a truly bespoke custom kitchen it’s important to work with the right designer first who understands customizing. When the kitchen flows well and is designed just for you and your belongings it makes a huge difference in your overall enjoyment of the space. Get started on your dream home and click the submission form to schedule an appointment.