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The Julie Laughton Design Build Process

Julie LaughtonRemodeling like life involves planning and following a process. My motto is... "It all starts with a good plan." After that plan is drawn out and put on paper there has to be a team and process to make it all happen.

Since I draw the plans and work with all the engineers and run the job as the contractor, it is like conducting a symphony orchestra from conception to completion. There are well over a thousand steps overall when doing a custom home construction project. I start by outlining the three phases to help the homeowner understand the process.

- Phase 1 Design: The design phase involves the initial meeting all the way through the completion of the plans, the submittal process to the city and the selection of all materials and finishes.

- Phase 2 Build: The build starts when the permit is pulled and the construction begins. In my world, all of the design phase has been completed 100 percent and there are no more decisions for the homeowner to make once the job starts. That is what separates me from the others and allows me to stay on time and on budget.

- Phase 3 Love: This is when the construction is completed and when you do the final walk through with me and review the warranty information and very important preventative maintenance, which needs to be done to ensure your home stays in good condition forever.

These three phases outline the process and the details of that process are outlined every week so the client can see clearly where the project is at all times. Besides having detailed drawings and color renderings at the beginning there is nothing more important than a team and a process that works well together and celebrating the beautiful finished home with the client. Click on the submission form to schedule your first appointment.