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Custom Dream Homes That Match Every Client’s Style and Needs

Even though you purchased a new home, it doesn't mean it was custom built to match how you live. Since you didn’t build the home yourself, you will have to customize it to match your look and your lifestyle. In most cases when I am hired to remodel a home, it is gutted so we can start from scratch and get the style and function right for the individual homeowner's needs.

One of my recent projects in Newport Coast was a semi-custom built home thirty years ago in a community, which means all the houses look similar. We completely gutted the interior and are currently updating it to the client’s new look with a clean, timeless style that will function for how they live as a family. They will get a new kitchen, pantry, laundry room, eight new bathrooms, new flooring, countertops and lighting. I also added custom Santa Barbara white plaster fireplaces in the living room and the family room off the kitchen. Custom white plaster fireplaces give the home a timeless, elegant style. Of course, there will be surround sound speakers and smart home features all available to work off the clients cell phone.

Everybody that buys a new home needs to personalize it somehow to fit their lifestyle. So whatever home you are buying, it's always good to get an estimate of what it will cost to fix it before you actually purchase it. If you are planning on buying a home and not sure about your purchase and what it will cost to fix it, you can always reach out to me and schedule an appointment to discuss how to make it your dream home.