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Custom Home Remodel vs Moving in Orange County

Orange County Remodeling
Many homeowners cannot decide whether to remodel their current home or buy another home and move. If you move, the home you buy will never be custom built for you. You will always have to remodel to make it customized to fit your lifestyle. When you remodel your current home or build a custom home ground up, you are getting exactly what you want to fit your needs.

The majority of the reasons why someone decides to stay and remodel their current home is because they love the amount of property they have, they find the location ideal and enjoy what their neighborhood has to offer, their kids can stay in the school system, or they Inherited their home from their family and there is history and valuable memories. In recent years, most of my clients discover they can’t get the same house for the same price. The new house is usually smaller, especially the yards.

A lot of clients decide to stay in their first home and make improvements, which usually means adding rooms, adding walls, opening up the kitchen to family room, enlarging the kitchen, updating the bathrooms and connecting the indoors with the outdoors. This could include adding a pool or a putting green.

Remodeling or building a custom home ground up in Laguna Beach and Newport Beach is the same process. You need an architect, designer and builder in Orange County who knows how to work with the local city. Do some homework in advance, which includes collecting photos of homes you like and working with your designer and architect to put your dreams on paper. The plans for your remodel are just like the plans for your life. It is a process you follow throughout that keeps you on track and on budget.