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The Process of Building Your Custom Dream Home In Orange County

Julie Laughton Custom Homes

When you are starting your custom home build in Orange County the most important people to hire are the architect, contractor and designer. The easiest first step is to find a custom home builder because that builder may already have an architect that they like working with. They may even have an interior designer.

If you don’t start with the builder, the logical next step would be to begin with an architect because you can’t do anything without the plans. If you find your architect first then they will probably recommend a contractor that they like to work with. The contractor’s job is to go through the plans with a fine tooth comb in what is called a pre-construction phase. This phase is necessary to make sure the plans are buildable and affordable and everybody is on the same page. Without this phase you can be guaranteed a lot of unnecessary headaches during construction.

One thing about this business is that there are quite a few choices, but very few good choices. It’s good to rely on referrals. The referral process usually works out well. The next step of course is to meet the person you are going to hire. Due to the fact that you will be working with this person for quite a long time, it’s not only important that they are qualified it’s important that you actually like the person and get along with their personality. Then you have to decide if their work style matches your expectations.

Laguna Beach and Newport Beach are small communities and it is easy to get referrals from people who enjoy working together and respect each other. I don’t recommend calling designers, architects or contractors who are out of town and are not familiar with our city regulations and working along the coast. If you think you are going to save money it is the opposite. It will probably end up costing you more money if they have to learn as they go.

Building your custom dream home should be an enjoyable process. I provide a one-stop shop Design Build service where I take the stress out of the process for the client. I do the architecture, oversee all the engineering and I am the actual licensed contractor who runs the job on a daily basis. Call me to discuss your custom home project.