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Working With An Architect in Laguna Beach and Newport Beach

Orange County Architect

Working with an architect in Laguna Beach and Newport Beach is a lot more challenging because of the regulations along the coastline. In order to have a successful project it is important to find an architect in Orange County that is experienced in working in these coastal communities.

At Julie Laughton Design Build, I provide all the architecture, design and engineering as part of my one-stop shop service. I am known as an expert because of my thirty-plus years of experience in architecture and engineering along the beach, which includes local city codes and coastal commission requirements. When you are planning your new custom home build or remodel in Laguna Beach and Newport Beach, it is crucial to work with people who know what they are doing. The architect and/or the designer has to know the rules and regulations before commencing any project because you can be in for a lot of unnecessary delays and confusion, which inevitably costs you time, money and heartache.

I provide a seamless process where all of the architecture, engineering, city submittals and material selections are part of my design services. After the design process is completed, I do the pre-construction stage as the contractor, which prevents change orders. A lot of contractors don't bother with this phase and face challenges after the construction starts because they have not gone through the trouble of making sure the plans are actually buildable and affordable for the client. This can cause unnecessary financial surprises for the homeowner after the work starts, which does not make anyone happy.

Every project requires architectural plans, engineering, design and contracting. If you are looking to save yourself lots of stress and time let's talk about how I can help you with your dream home with my seamless 5-Star process.